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Lunazul Tequila is a 100% blue agave tequila produced by the Tierra de Agaves company.

Francisco Beckmann, a former co-owner of the tequila brand José Cuervo, founded the Tierra de Agaves company in 2002. Lunazul tequila is grown, distilled, and bottled on a single estate in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

A customer reviews Lunazul Tequila, he shares " Definitely not as smooth as the one that comes in the blue bottle. This isn't as smooth it's a tougher tequila as well as it having a "different" taste. Not a bad tequila this just isn't one of those you can drink throughout the night. It's more of 1-2 shots ok we're done with this tequila for the night type of drink."


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